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A technology platform providing the infrastructure you need to build your business and serve your clients.

Technology Services

KonnexME, LLC is a compliant technology platform that provides you with an unparalleled ability to connect with your clients. It’s the infrastructure and support you need to excel and your clients need to achieve financial independence.

About Us

With its state-of-the-art technology and components, the KonnexME Portal provides true day-to-day efficiencies that make it an essential sales acceleration platform. The KonnexMe Portal is an all-in-one tool for clear and seamless data sharing between components that also supports connected email, digital marketing, and office workflows.

With the KonnexME Portal, you'll have vast and powerful business and client insights and data behind a single sign-on.

Make yourself more efficient and accelerate your sales like never before with the KonnexME Portal.

Generational Vault

Technology is a vital aspect of the service your clients deserve. If you think about the choices consumers make, there are many instances when the technology that enables a transaction or service is an important part of the decision-making process. Imagine working with a bank that did not offer online checking or an airline that only booked flight reservations by phone. The technology you choose can make or break your relationship with a client, not to mention the impact it has on how transparent you are, the efficiency of your record-keeping process, or the ease with which a client can access their various assets. Generational Vault enables a full suite of client services that will forever change their relationship with you and any information entrusted to you.

Generational Vault allows you to upload account information for every account a client has with you. Your clients will be able to log in anytime, day or night, and gain access to important account information. Additionally, clients have the ability to enter held-away accounts, allowing them – and you – to have a better picture of their overall financial situation.

Because Generational Vault is enabled with ByAllAccounts, nearly any asset, policy or account can be synced daily to update account values. The Wealth Watch® service allows you to set triggers that notify you of account value changes. Giving your clients an exceptional level of care has never been so easy.

The documents section of Generational Vault is a secure, cloud-based service that allows you to communicate with your clients without fear of the information falling into the wrong hands.

Generational Vault is also a perfect platform for you to deliver your PTE 84-24 Disclosure Form, ADV Part 2A and 2B Disclosure Brochure, or privacy policy to clients whenever necessary, and collect the client’s Acknowledgment of Receipt. Each document will be time and date stamped and stored indefinitely in Generational Vault. There is simply no better way to help protect your clients from confusion or miscommunication and ensure your practice isn’t vulnerable to regulatory action or civil litigation.

Collecting and updating consumer financial information is important, but displaying it in an easy-to-read manner can be challenging. Not only can Generational Vault’s financial reporting tools create up-to-date snapshots of your clients’ financial lives, but the information is displayed in a simple and concise format so your clients can clearly see if they are on track to accomplish their financial goals. This unique feature helps ensure your clients have the information they need to achieve financial success.

Not only is financial reporting built into Generational Vault, your clients also gain access to an additional full suite of proprietary financial reports, which they can gain access to by completing the automated, interactive Strategy Assessment. Once complete, the information gathered through the Strategy Assessment can be used by you or the Case Central team to generate key reports, which you can upload to your client's Generational Vault for them to view.

Your clients can easily request an appointment using Generational Vault’s online appointment scheduler whenever they are ready to meet with you. Once a client has requested an appointment through Generational Vault, you are notified via email and through the Virtual Advisor event notifications dashboard. Once you have confirmed the appointment, it will display in the client’s upcoming appointments section on their calendar in Generational Vault. This functionality makes it easy for clients to communicate with you and makes it simple for you to respond in a timely manner.

Strategy Assessment

Providing the highest level of financial care and service to your clients begins with understanding what they need, and it is now easier than ever to understand your clients' unique financial goals, needs and objectives with the Strategy Assessment. This interactive, online questionnaire will streamline your sales process and transform the way you get to know your consumers through the power of automation. The Strategy Assessment allows your prospects and clients to seamlessly maneuver key questions in the sales process, and feel more comfortable when sharing their personal data. It is built from a reflexive question engine that adjusts subsequent modules and questions based on clients' answers. The process begins with the Color of Money Risk Analysis, a key part of the Strategy Assessment, which introduces your prospects and clients to your information-gathering process. In addition to being a dynamic and interactive data collection tool, the Strategy Assessment helps to educate your clients by explaining important retirement concepts and clarifying why certain questions are asked. By the end of the assessment, your clients will have a better understanding of their financial situation – and be ready for help addressing it.

Consumers’ desire to have more control in their purchasing decisions is greater than ever before. Prospects and clients can complete the Strategy Assessment on their own time, at their own speed – in the comfort of their own home, or in your office alongside you or your assistant.

The Strategy Assessment creates transparency between you and the end consumer, helping to establish trust. Consumers’ answers to key questions are stored in Generational Vault. For you, answers are documented in Virtual Advisor for record-keeping purposes.

By utilizing the Strategy Assessment, you won’t need to comb through files, statements, various fact finders and pages of notes to gather data. Important information is securely stored in one central location – Generational Vault for the client, and Virtual Advisor for you.

Completing applications, forms and agreements can be tedious. The Strategy Assessment gathers key information that is populated into Virtual Advisor. The integration of FireLight®,* an electronic application platform, into Virtual Advisor allows you to leverage existing client data to eliminate data entry and streamline the application process.*

* FireLight® integration into the KonnexME technology platform is currently available for fixed insurance products only.

By using the Strategy Assessment, you immediately have an automated process for gathering information, and your prospects and clients have a simple way of providing information. Additionally, by gathering certain facts beforehand, you can spend more time learning about their goals during the first appointment.

Virtual Advisor

Client relationships are the heart of your business, and Virtual Advisor is the system to ensure it maintains a steady beat. As a total business management system, Virtual Advisor helps you organize and manage your client relationships in a transparent and well-documented way. From client management and calendar organization to marketing campaign design and report building, Virtual Advisor is a total business management system unlike any other. Its mobile integration allows you to always be in touch with your clients. As regulatory oversight intensifies, it is critical to make sure every step of your sales process is documented and that you deliver the required disclosures to your clients – Virtual Advisor is uniquely capable of accomplishing this, and more.

Maintaining an organized database can dramatically improve your bottom line. The client management segment of Virtual Advisor is designed with the financial services professional in mind. Virtual Advisor has the data fields you need along with the ability to search information and segment targeted groups. Virtual Advisor leverages your data and allows you to set client-specific alerts that will update you before important events occur.

Virtual Advisor helps you organize your day and manage critical schedules. You can view your own schedule as well as others in the office, invite your team and/or clients to important meetings, and color-code different activities so they are easily identified. Plus, you can sync your calendar to all your devices.

Wealth Watch is an extremely flexible and impressive system with the capacity to monitor your clients’ entire portfolios, instead of limiting the services to just one or two types of accounts or investments. It allows you to customize triggers and alerts that will automatically notify your team when clients’ account values go above or below the thresholds you have selected.

Report Builder makes it easier than ever to provide your prospects and clients with key New Generation Retirement reports. Leveraging client data within Virtual Advisor and information gathered through the Strategy Assessment, the self-directed Report Builder allows you to seamlessly run reports to deliver to your clients through Generational Vault or in your next appointment.

Now, you can schedule one event or an entire year of activity with the marketing campaign function. Automated emails will be sent on your behalf for activities scheduled on the calendar so no task is ever forgotten. Track and monitor results inside of Virtual Advisor.

Automation of online marketing helps ensure your prospecting and branding occurs 24/7. Client information collected online can be automatically fed into your Virtual Advisor database, therefore eliminating some data entry.

KonnexME Portal

When it comes to building a successful practice, you need the latest industry-leading technology, applications, sales tools and marketing ideas. KonnexME Portal streamlines our offerings to make your life easier. You can access it 24/7 to assist you with meeting your sales goals. With KonnexME Portal, you can easily navigate all of our applications and tools from one interface, one username and one password to access unlimited business-building solutions including:

A place to track and manage your relationships within the Gradient Financial Group, LLC family of companies.

A tool that integrates and routes the business within the Gradient Financial Group family of companies to help streamline your business submission process.

Marketing Central is an online repository of marketing systems and resources that you can brand to your business to help you promote relevant topics to clients and prospects and execute seminars.

A total business management system to stay organized, segment your prospects and manage client relationships. Leverage Virtual Advisor to help automate every aspect of your practice.

A tracker to help give insight into the progress of the orders placed to Gradient Positioning Systems, LLC, including web, print and audio/visual services.

Your location to easily register for our upcoming training events to help educate you on relevant topics to help grow your business.