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Gradient Gives Back

The Gradient Gives Back Foundation awards a full year of housing payments to hard working families as part of its nationwide Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program.

Community Outreach

In 2009, Chuck and Tami Lucius, founders of Gradient Financial Group established the Gradient Gives Back Foundation and Gradient Gives Back® (GGB) program to directly provide financial support to families at risk of losing their homes because of unexpected financial challenges.

This Minnesota-based nonprofit organization partners with financial services professionals throughout the country to help local families regain their financial independence. Since its establishment, Gradient Gives Back Foundation has provided help to numerous families across the United States and continues its commitment to actions that make immediate and real differences in their communities and promotes its successful work to inspire others to participate in charitable giving.

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In The Media

Gradient Financial Group has helped the Gradient Gives Back Foundation earn significant TV and print media coverage in nearly twenty states and counting, thanks to its teams of experienced videographers, marketers, and communications professionals.

This coverage not only highlights its important work, but the commitment to community service that so many of Gradient's financial services professionals exemplify.

To find out more about the Gradient Gives Back Foundation, or to submit an application to be considered for an award, visit the Foundation's website.

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